What to Expect

This may be your first meeting with a professional organizer. If so–welcome! Even if you have met with an organizer in the past, it may be a little different this time around. Everyone has their own style and method. Hopefully The Mint Kitchen is able to complement your own. There is no need to worry or be nervous. We are here to make the process as easy as possible. There are many different reasons why someone may need the assistance of a personal organizer. Whatever the reason, we are here to help. Often people may feel embarrassed inviting a stranger into their home, and we understand. But, everything will be completely fine! We know that life gets busy, and we can all use the extra help from time to time.

You can first expect to speak with your potential organizer, who will ask you intake questions. These questions allow the organizer to get a feel for your needs. The questions will involve topics such as: what area(s) are you looking to get help with, what are your organizational challenges, what are you hoping to accomplish, what has helped or not helped in the past?

After the initial intake questions are answered, a consultation will be scheduled. This is an appointment that will take place inside of your home. There is no need to do any preparation for this appointment. In fact, we prefer to see the home as it normally is in order to provide the most realistic assessment and the the most practical solutions. The organizer will be able to see the space(s) in person as you walk them through, directing them to what you are seeking help with. The organizer will begin developing a plan with you and may also take measurements and make notes. The expected process will be discussed, and if you would like to continue with the organizing plan, your first session will be scheduled at this point. The amount of time needed within these sessions may vary between clients. There are various packages available to meet your specific needs. Do keep in mind that while we are there to help, we are not a cleaning service.

Your organizer is there to relieve much of the burden and assist you while you create your space. Not only will your organizer help you sort and re-place items, but will also take any donations to the donation center for you as well. And don’t worry, none of your items will be disposed of unless you agree to it. If any other resources are needed, they will be able to provide them. It is so important that you are comfortable with your organizer. They are, after all, coming into your home to help you. Therefore, all of your meetings will be completely confidential. Also, no photos will ever be used or posted without your permission.