Why Choose an Organizer?

Don’t underestimate the value of tending to your needs and caring for yourself. Think of reaching out to a professional organizer in the same way that you would about hiring a personal trainer, a counselor, or purchasing a massage. It is an investment in yourself, your space, your peace of mind, and reaching goals.

The Mint Kitchen Organizing Solutions is a licensed professional and lifestyle organizing business, based out of Sumter, SC, specializing in decor, as well family-friendly home management options. Professional organizing offers a broad spectrum of services personalized to serve your unique organizational needs. In our fast-paced, modern society, it can be all too easy to find ourselves juggling one too many tasks. There are many reasons to reach out to an organizer. Perhaps you’ve recently relocated and desire a refreshing space plan and decor. Maybe your paperwork has turned into unmanageable stacks while you were handling other business. Do you need help creating and managing a household schedule? Have you recently decided to downsize, but need help deciding what to keep, toss, donate, sell, or delegate to other family members?Preparing to sell a home? Did you know that a professionally staged home can potentially earn you more money–and faster? Another situation necessitating the help of a professional organizer, is someone who finds it difficult to get around to complete tasks, such as shopping. Or, you may be in the unfortunate and extremely difficult process of sorting through belongings after the loss of a loved one. Whatever your need, it’s likely that a professional organizer will have the knowledge to assist, support, and alleviate much of your burden.

Sometimes clients are hesitant to reach out to an organizer due to embarrassment or just they may want to “take it on themselves,” but investing in a professional organizer is not unlike hiring a personal trainer–they offer an experienced, knowledgeable support structure to assist you in reaching your goals. They have the necessary toolkit to offer various perspectives and solutions. Organizing is an investment in yourself, and there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, nor is there anything that you will need to prepare for. Services provided are also confidential, as the supportive work between an organizer and client is highly valued and respected.

“I can work right by your side, talking you through the organizational process and supporting you through decision making and sorting, or I can handle the work independently. We can work at your pace, and use the hours in a time frame that best suits you. From organizing to cleaning, planning, shopping, or decorating, I’ve got your back. During your scheduled time, I’m here to be your personal assistant for home management needs.”

-Shawna Voreh


  • Coaching
  • Organizing and/or Decluttering
  • Interior Decor and Space Planning
  • Cleaning Add-On Services
  • Home Staging
  • Donations/Disposals
  • Downsizing
  • Shopping Assistance
  • Time and Home Management
  • Regular Maintenance (Cleaning and/or Organizing)
  • Move In/Out
  • Recommendations
  • Do-It-Yourself Plans